Hi friends! I’m Leslie Karsner Dasch, a lover of pink champagne and pretty things.

As a lifestyle expert, author and former love coach, I spent years coaching others to have a romance with life.  Now, I’m sharing my fanciful style, my favorite cocktails, and my first line of designs, beginning with The Cocktail Clutch.  

I’m passionate about creating ambiance – in decorating, dressing up and entertaining. Whether it’s a colorful room, a stunning tablescape, a fancy cocktail, a darling dress, or a fabulous Cocktail Clutch, setting the stage sets the mood.

A party girl at heart, I must confess, I’m a “lightweight” who often leaves the glass half full. I find you really don’t have to drink much to feel good, especially when you’re poured into a cocktail dress!

I’m happily in love with Mr. Dasch-ing, my husband who let’s me know I’m adored each day. Sipping cocktails with him is my favorite past time. We enjoy a colorful life on the lake in town, and visiting our getaway at the Beach.

So pour a drink, and peruse my pages. Be sure to sign up to get updates here…

Bottoms up!

Kiss, kiss…Leslie