From the royals to the red carpet, the must-have accessory is definitively the clutch purse.  Leslie Dasch, of, a lifestyle blog featured in Better Homes & Gardens, has transformed the essential clutch into the perfect grab-and-go accessory for the every-girl.  Whether heading out for drinks on the town, or sipping bubbly seaside, Leslie’s Cocktail Clutch collection has the perfect Clutch for you.  

With its colorful clutch and bow "mix & match" combinations, the Cocktail Clutch will be your eye catching, head-turning accessory to match a medley of ensembles.  Visit to view the full Cocktail Clutch collection by Leslie Dasch.


Invite Leslie on to show your viewers the many options you can create with one Cocktail Clutch.  Her delightful manner, and charming personality, will captivate your audience and have them wanting to snap on different colored bows themselves.  


"You are lovely, you are smart, you are sweet..."
~ Bryant Gumbel, The CBS Early Show


In addition to its ability to match any outfit, the Cocktail Clutch features a 30" gold chain and Dress for Cocktails charm; an array of colorful interior linings and mix and match bows.  Inside you’ll find two pockets, one for credit and calling cards, and the other dedicated for eye glasses. You’ll also find plenty of interior space to carry the necessities such as lipstick, keys, i-phone 7, pen, cash and compact. 

Carrying your Cocktail Clutch is made easier with the added hand-pocket for inserting and wrapping your fingers while holding your favorite libation. Simply slip your four fingers inside the back pocket of the clutch, and wrap your thumb around the glass.  You’ll still be able to greet friends using your free hand.  The Cocktail Clutch is sold online via the 


When you carry the Cocktail Clutch, you are truly Dressed for Cocktails!

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About Leslie:

Leslie Karsner Dasch, is a lover of pink champagne and pretty things.

As a lifestyle expert, author and former love coach, Leslie spent years coaching others to have a romance with life.  Now, she’s sharing her fanciful style, her favorite cocktails, and her first line of designs, beginning with The Cocktail Clutch.  

She’s passionate about creating ambiance – in decorating, dressing up and entertaining. Whether it’s a colorful room, a fancy cocktail, a darling dress, or a fabulous Cocktail Clutch, setting the stage sets the mood.

A party girl at heart, Leslie confesses, “I’m a “lightweight” who often leaves the glass half fullI find you really don’t have to drink much to feel good, especially when you’re poured into a cocktail dress!”

Fun Q&A with Leslie:

What is your current obsession?

Drift roses.  We recently added a petite picket fence in front of our home.  I planted peach colored drift roses that peek through to the sidewalk side, greeting all who pass by.  I hope the blossoms brighten their day as much as they do mine. 

What can’t you live without?

My lipstick!  I don’t go anywhere without it.  I wear YSL Rouge Pur 22, and have for years.  It’s my favorite shade of petunia pink.  When they attempted to discontinue it, I bought 30 tubes!!  Fortunately, enough of an uproar was created they brought back the color.  What a relief!

Where is the best place to get inspired?

The garden.  I am inspired by color, especially bright colors.  I love to visit garden shops, and never come home without a basket full of blooms to plant.  I love pink geraniums, white petunias, and purple violets, mixed with variegated ivy.  

 What’s your most cherished item?

 My marriage.  I’m happily in love with Mr. Dasch-ing, who lets me know I’m adored each day.  Sipping cocktails with him is my favorite past time.  We enjoy a colorful life with our family on the lake in Winter Park, FL, and visiting our getaway on the Gulf.  

 What is your guilty pleasure?

 A 3rd glass of Champagne.


Contact Leslie Dasch at or by phone at 703-624-1744