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How to Dress the Bedside Table

Cottage life is charming, and challenging.  Since 2014, Mr. Dasch-ing and I have made our home in Winter Park Florida.  Having moved here from our now get-away home on the Gulf side of Florida, we are happily at home in our cluster of cottages on the Chain of Lakes that we call Marsh Rabbit Run.

Making this our primary residence, meant decorating in a more purposeful fashion.  Our cottage has turned out to be my favorite home ever.  And even though our bedroom is, well shall I say, quaint, it serves it’s purpose. 

To me, the bedroom should be cozy and serene.  Ours is just that.  We can pull the black out shades at night, and yet allow the streaming sunlight to shine in during the morning hours.   Upon awakening, I love to look down the lawn to see the calm waters of Lake Virginia.  It’s a peaceful and meditative view. 

Aside from a comfortable bed, bedside tables are most important.  I’ve always dressed my bedside tables elegantly, and made sure that they have drawers for hiding those items that are necessary to have close while slumbering, but best left unseen.

Here are my bedside table must-haves:

  • A lamp with a dimmer switch, so there is plenty of light for reading, yet lower light for ambiance.
  • Fresh flowers, even if it’s a simple rosebud in a vase, bringing nature in sets a tranquil mood.
  • A photo or two of those I love most in a pretty frame. 
  • A water carafe, or teapot with cup and saucer.  I drink camomile tea most every night.  I find it truly helps me sleep better.
  • An assortment of reading material.  I never know what I’ll be in the mood to read, so I rotate my options. 
  • A ring dish.  I love antique salt cauldrons, and use them as jewelry holders. 
  • I also keep a larger dish, a gift from my daughter that has my monogram on it. This is for my glasses, or other delicate items that I like to keep nearby. 
  • Some sort of clock.  Since moving away from a house phone, I charge my cell with the ringer turned off.  I can check the time, and have it nearby for emergencies. 
  • Candles.  They create a lovely glow and set romantic ambiance.

While bedside tables in guest rooms can be more generic, it is nice to be sure you have the following:

  • A lamp with dimmer switch.
  • A dish for jewelry, pills, or other small items like glasses.
  • A water carafe or fresh bottle of water. 
  • A magazine or book, in case they left theirs at home.
  • A pen and note pad for jotting down thoughts.   
  • A box of tissues

One final note, leave the television for the other rooms.  Let your bedroom be a place of peace and comfort for resting your pretty head.  Hope these tips help you style your bedside tables thoughtfully.



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