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Earth Friendly = Earth Pretty

If you’re reading this, you’re like me in that we like to surround ourselves with prettiness.  In our homes, our gardens, in what we wear, and what we create.  So I’ve decided to re-commit to keeping our earth pretty too! 

I’ve always been a recycler, and yet there’s more to maintaining a healthy planet than just separating out out the Champagne bottles.  So I’m sharing with you the ways that I strive to keep our planet healthy.  Here are my 5 tips for reducing your carbon footprint:

1.  Paper Please

Choose paper over plastic when shopping.  Americans use more than 100 billion plastic bags each year, averaging 300 bags per person per year!  That’s a lot of plastic bags!  And they’re used an average of 12 minutes tops.  So I choose paper.  One of the nice things I’ve noticed about using old fashioned brown paper bags is my groceries stay in tact on the ride home.  Items don’t roll around and fall out of the bag.  And as an added bonus, I re-use the paper bags for gathering my recyclables.   Better yet is to bring your own bags.  I have to admit, there have been countless times when I’ve been half way through the grocer when I realize my bags are still in the car.  So opt for paper at check out.

2.  Pretty Napkins

A table dressed with cloth napkins is so much more elegant than with paper.  Whether you sew your own from scraps of fabric, or have fancy ones monogrammed, cloth napkins set a pretty place for even the most casual meal.  My daughter in law has completely cut out the use of paper towels by having a basket of hand towels in the kitchen.  Making it easy just as easy to grab a terry towel as it would be to grab a paper one is a simple adjustment with huge environmental benefits. I've linked a few pretties here...

3.  Be Water-Wise

We all need to drink more water as it’s good for the health of our organs, our skin and it’s anti-aging.   In both our homes, we’ve installed reverse osmosis units so we can enjoy an abundance of purified water.  Only 1 out of every 5 plastic water bottles actually makes it to the recycling bin, by refilling our own, we’re doing our part.  And with all the snazzy water bottle styles available, drinking water stylishly is both fashionable and easy.  Oh - be sure to drink a glass of water between each cocktail to stay hydrated.

4.  Shop local and organic

We are so fortunate to have several farmers markets nearby each weekend.  Our favorite Saturday morning ritual is to stroll through the Winter Park Farmers Market.  We get to see friends and pick up organically grown veggies, shrimp caught on the coast, Floral bouquets and even home-made pasta.  Besides, they have the best bagels around!  It also give us the opportunity to purchase from smaller business owners.  So we shop local every chance we get.  

Winter Park Farmers Market

5.  Buy a Tesla

Ha!  just kidding…well kind of.  Mr. Dasch-ing and I recently test-drove a Tesla and all I can say is “Wow!”  Moving from a gas powered vehicle does require some lifestyle changes.  Traveling distances of more that 300 miles requires forethought, but with the super charging stations along the highways, you can plan your drive to incorporate latte stops while getting an electrically charged.  We were truly impressed with the safety features and amenities that have been well designed to make this an amazing car.  I’m delighted to see trail-blazers like Elon Musk working to keep our ears pretty.  Even if you don’t drive a Tesla, I drive a VW bug, be smart about your outings.  Plan your errands so you are both time and fuel-efficient.  

Cocktail Clutch on Tesla The little things do add up.  So here's to a prettier world ~ Cheers!



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